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  1. Marine turtles play an important role in the culture and economy of numerous coastal communities around the world. However, the legal framework that regulates the consumptive use of these reptiles varies among...

    Authors: H. Barrios-Garrido, N. Espinoza-Rodríguez, D. Rojas-Cañizales, J. Palmar, N. Wildermann, M. G. Montiel-Villalobos and M. Hamann
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:15
  2. An updated checklist of medusae and ctenophores is presented for the first time for the area comprised by the Bahía Blanca Estuary, the adjacent shelf El Rincón and Monte Hermoso beach, o...

    Authors: M. Sofía Dutto, Gabriel N. Genzano, Agustín Schiariti, Julieta Lecanda, Mónica S. Hoffmeyer and Paula D. Pratolongo
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:14
  3. The sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Archipelago (46°53’S, 37°52’E), consisting of Marion and Prince Edward islands, is situated in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean, approximately 2 600 km away from the clos...

    Authors: Tegan Carpenter-Kling, John Dickens and Pierre A. Pistorius
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:13
  4. The caprellid fauna from different localities along the Mexican Pacific coast: Sinaloa (3), Nayarit (15), Jalisco (9) and Colima (1) are presented herein.

    Authors: Lucy Coral Alarcón-Ortega, Amílcar Leví Cupul-Magaña, Alma Paola Rodríguez-Troncoso and Fabio Germán Cupul-Magaña
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:9
  5. The French angelfish Pomacanthus paru (Pomacanthidae) is recognised as an important cleaner in tropical reef environments, yet its clients remain relatively undescribed in the literature. Here, we report observat...

    Authors: Cláudio L. S. Sampaio, Miguel Loiola, Liliana P. Colman, Diego V. Medeiros, Juan Pablo Quimbayo, Ricardo J. Miranda, José Amorim Reis-Filho and José de Anchieta C. C. Nunes
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:8
  6. This study reports for the first time the presence of the Lusitanian ampeliscid amphipod Ampelisca lusitanica Bellan-Santini & Marques, 1986 in the northwestern Atlantic coast of Morocco.

    Authors: Z. Belattmania, A. Chaouti, M. Machado, A. Engelen, E. A. Serrão, A. Reani and B. Sabour
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:7
  7. The study describes the range extension of the sea horse Hippocampus fuscus from the south to north east coastal waters of the India, Bay of Bengal. After 99 years since initial discovery, the Hippocampus fusc...

    Authors: Debasish Mahapatro, R. K. Mishra and S. Panda
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:6
  8. Nephroselmis is composed by unicellular nanoplanktonic organisms, occurring predominantly in marine environments. Currently, 14 species are taxonomically accepted. Nephroselmis viridis wa...

    Authors: Karoline Magalhães Ferreira Lubiana, Sônia Maria Flores Gianesella, Flávia Marisa Prado Saldanha-Corrêa and Mariana Cabral Oliveira
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:5
  9. DNA barcoding is an effective method of accurately identifying morphologically similar oyster species. However, for some of Japan’s Ostrea species there are no molecular data in the international DNA databases.

    Authors: Masami Hamaguchi, Miyuki Manabe, Naoto Kajihara, Hiromori Shimabukuro, Yuji Yamada and Eijiro Nishi
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2017 10:4
  10. The remains (probably a moult) of a female Chinese mitten crab were found in the freshwater River Clyde. This is the first report of a Chinese mitten crab from the wild in Scotland and is well outside the prev...

    Authors: William E. Yeomans and John Clark
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:100
  11. Non-native marine species, including tropical eastern Atlantic fish species are on the increase in Malta, with shipping activities being the main vector for the movement of these alien species from the Atlanti...

    Authors: Noel Vella, Adriana Vella and Sandra Agius Darmanin
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:99
  12. Climatic changes and human activities have worked to pave the way for alien species to invade new areas far from their native habitat. The Mediterranean sea has received many invasive species (Eissa and Zaki, ...

    Authors: Firas Alshawy, Murhaf Lahlah and Chirine Hussein
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:98
  13. Seven species of mobulid rays occur in the Philippines, six of which, including the Giant Manta Ray (Manta birostris) are caught directly or indirectly. In the Bohol Sea, mobulids have been fished since at least ...

    Authors: Jo Marie V. Acebes, Yotam Barr, Jacqueline Marjorie R. Pereda and Mudjekeewis D. Santos
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:97
  14. This study investigates the spatial and temporal variation of intertidal macroalgae along the eastern coasts of Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, Iran. Monthly sampling of abundance, biomass, richness and diversity ...

    Authors: Maryam Kokabi, Morteza Yousefzadi, Marzieh Razaghi and Mohamad Amin Feghhi
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:96
  15. One male and one female specimen of tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier (Péron & Lesueur, 1822), were accidentally caught by a drifting longline for swordfish in the south Mediterranean (Libyan waters). This findin...

    Authors: Ibrahim M. Tobuni, Ben-Abdallah R. Benabdallah, Fabrizio Serena and Esmail A. Shakman
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:94
  16. New records of the cubozoan jellyfish Tamoya haplonema in Uruguayan waters are reported together with historical records for the region, and associated with the oceanographic conditions at the moment of the findi...

    Authors: Valentina Leoni, Silvana González, Leonardo Ortega, Fabrizio Scarabino, Gabriela Failla Siquier, Alicia Dutra, Luis Rubio, Martin Abreu, Wilson Serra, Ana Gabriella Alonzo Campi, Sergio N. Stampar and André C. Morandini
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:92
  17. This study reports on bryozoan species collected at three offshore gas platforms in the Dutch part of the North Sea. Four out of thirteen observed species are considered as rare in the Netherlands, whereas Cribri...

    Authors: Esther D. Beukhof, Joop W. P. Coolen, Babeth E. van der Weide, Joël Cuperus, Hans de Blauwe and Jerry Lust
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:91
  18. The occurrence of Hydrolagus cf. trolli is reported for the first time from the central and eastern North Pacific Ocean. This is a geographic range extension for this species, as it was previously only known to o...

    Authors: Amber N. Reichert, Lonny Lundsten and David A. Ebert
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:90
  19. A visual survey of cetaceans was carried out during a voyage from Singapore to Sri Lanka, through the Straits of Malacca, Andaman Sea and across the Bay of Bengal in the northern Indian Ocean in November/Decem...

    Authors: Anoukchika D. Ilangakoon and Abigail K. Alling
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:88
  20. Bull sharks are a cosmopolitan shark species frequently found in shallow shelf ocean waters and, occasionally, in several tropical river systems around the world. Due to bull shark’s capability to enter riveri...

    Authors: Leonardo Manir Feitosa, Ana Paula Barbosa Martins and Jorge Luiz Silva Nunes
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:87
  21. The red algal species Griffithsia capitata (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta), native to the Canary Islands and Madeira, is reported for the first time from San Andres Island, International Biosphere Reserve Seaflower, Car...

    Authors: M. Natalia Rincón-Díaz, Brigitte Gavio, Michael J. Wynne and Adriana Santos-Martínez
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:86
  22. The coloured righteye flounder, Poecilopsetta colorata Günther, 1880 was previously known from the eastern Indian Ocean to the South China Sea and Indonesia. Here, a new record from the western Indian Ocean is re...

    Authors: Wei-Jen Chen, Jhen-Nien Chen, Eve-Julie Pernet and Karine Olu
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:83
  23. A total of four reef fish species: Amblyeleotris japonica, Halichoeres hartzfeldii, Canthigaster papua and a Parapriacanthus species, are reported for the first time in Hong Kong.

    Authors: Allen W. L. To and Stanley K. H. Shea
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:82
  24. The introduction of alien species in a system affecting native species due to competition for food and space. The purse oyster Isognomon bicolor (Bivalvia, Pteriidae), a potential exotic invader, presents gaps in...

    Authors: Vanessa Ochi Agostini and Carla Penna Ozorio
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:84
  25. Most of the 29 Siganidae species are widely distributed through the Indo-Pacific area. In New Caledonia, these family was represented by 12 species. The present report is the first record of Siganus randalli in N...

    Authors: Thibaud Moleana, Luc Della Patrona, Tarik Meziane and Yves Letourneur
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:81
  26. The critically endangered Kemp’s ridley turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) has a reduced distribution range concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico and only a few pelagic stage juveniles occasionally strand on European coas...

    Authors: Pablo Covelo, Lidia Nicolau and Alfredo López
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:80
  27. Larvaceans in the genus Bathochordaeus are large, often abundant filter feeders found throughout much of the world ocean. The first described species, Bathochordaeus charon, was reported over 100 years ago by Chu...

    Authors: R. E. Sherlock, K. R. Walz and B. H. Robison
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:79
  28. The brackish calanoid, Eurytemora americana Williams, 1906, is reported in the northern part of Korea. It is found to be an important copepod in the mesozooplankton community structure from the estuarine and shal...

    Authors: Seong Yong Moon, Jung-Hwa Choi, Jung-Nyun Kim, Sun-Kil Kim and Balu Alagar Venmathi Maran
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:76
  29. Coccolithophores are one of the major components of marine phytoplankton and also one of the most prominent members of haptophyte algae. Studies of the extant coccolithophores started more than half a century ...

    Authors: F. Hoe Chang and Lisa Northcote
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:75
  30. The dwarf monocle breams of Genus Parascolopsis are bottom living small fishes generally seen in the outer shelf and continental slope waters and are represented worldwide by 12 species. Morphometric measurements...

    Authors: Rekha J. Nair, Dinesh Kumar and Somy Kuriakose
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:74
  31. Malformations of the Round stingray Urobatis hallerii, Cooper 1863 captured off the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur, México are reported in this study.

    Authors: M. R. Ochoa-Díaz, J. Rodriguez-Romero, J. López-Martínez and M. C. Maldonado-García
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:70
  32. Penaeid shrimps are widely distributed in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. These family is represented with 13 species (about six genera) in the Iranian coast (Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman). ...

    Authors: Mohsen Safaie, Mohammad Momeni and Ashkan Azhdahakoshpour
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:69
  33. Angelsharks (Genus Squatina) are distributed in the southern Southwest Atlantic Ocean between southeastern Brazil and central Patagonia. The endangered hidden angelshark Squatina occulta is reported in the litera...

    Authors: María Lourdes Estalles, Gustavo E. Chiaramonte, Vicente V. Faria, Diego C. Luzzatto and Juan M. Díaz de Astarloa
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:58
  34. The Cape Verde archipelago consists of 10 volcanic islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean located 570 km off the coast of Western Africa. While the shallow benthic communities have been studied in some detail n...

    Authors: Joel C. Creed, Aschwin H. Engelen, Emanuel C. D´Oliveira, Salomão Bandeira and Ester A. Serrão
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:57