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  1. A new record of the endangered species blackchin guitarfish, Rhinobatos cemiculus (925 mm TL) is here reported from South Aegean Sea. On 11 January 2015, a single specimen was collected by longline off from the K...

    Authors: Halit Filiz, Gökçen Bilge, Daniela Giannetto and Sercan Yapıcı
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:13
  2. During a survey in Santa Gilla, a Tyrrhenian lagoon located in southern Sardinia, several specimens of the alien polychaete Naineris setosa were found. 1) A brief description of the specimens is presented; they p...

    Authors: Giulia Atzori, Eduardo López, Pierantonio Addis, Andrea Sabatini and Serenella Cabiddu
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:5
  3. The introduction and spread of non-indigenous species is one of the main threats to biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems and it is becoming an increasing problem for the international scientific community. Aquac...

    Authors: Cristina Munari, Nadia Bocchi and Michele Mistri
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:12
  4. The brittle star Ophiothela mirabilis has recently invaded and is expanding its range in the southwest Atlantic.

    Authors: Marcelo Checoli Mantelatto, Lara Figueiredo Vidon, Rosana Beatriz Silveira, Carla Menegola, Rosana Moreira da Rocha and Joel Christopher Creed
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:8
  5. The families Xanthdiae and Pilumnidae are two common families of the brachyuran crabs in the Persian Gulf. These families are represented with 25 and 23 species, respectively, in the Gulf.

    Authors: Reza Naderloo, Saeed Ebrahimnejad, Amirhossein Dustali and Mohammad Mahdian
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:19
  6. This study compiles the diversity of sea anemones in different shallow habitats (i.e. rocky shores, coral reefs, mangroves and sandy bottoms) in several locations of Venezuela, including the most important mar...

    Authors: Ricardo González-Muñoz, Nuno Simões, Edlin J. Guerra-Castro, Carlos Hernández-Ortíz, Gabriela Carrasquel, Enio Mendez, Carlos Lira, Martin Rada, Iván Hernández, Sheila M. Pauls, Aldo Croquer and Juan J. Cruz-Motta
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:18
  7. Alien fish species are increasing in the Mediterranean Sea, urging closer monitoring of coastal habitats and biodiversity towards achieving timely assessment and management. Among the alien fish species found ...

    Authors: Adriana Vella, Noel Vella and Sandra Agius Darmanin
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:15
  8. The mysid Heteromysis (Heteromysis) microps is reported for the first time in the Bay of Biscay. During surveys carried out between March and September 2015 in Arcachon Bay, mysid specimens were fortuitously coll...

    Authors: Nicolas Lavesque, Ludovic Pascal, Benoit Gouillieux, Jean-Claude Sorbe, Guy Bachelet and Olivier Maire
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:14
  9. Septibranchia comprises groups of bivalves that have developed a series of anatomical and conchological modifications toward a carnivorous and/or saprophagic lifestyle. The present study aims to identify the s...

    Authors: Cristiane Xerez Barroso, Sula Salani, Soraya Guimarães Rabay and Helena Matthews-Cascon
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:4
  10. Populations of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in China were known to be distributed from the Beibu Gulf near the border with Vietnam to the mouth of the Yangtze River. According to existing stud...

    Authors: Songhai Li, Mingli Lin, Xiao Xu, Luru Xing, Peijun Zhang, Rodolphe E. Gozlan, Shiang-Lin Huang and Ding Wang
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:3