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Table 1 Morphometric measurements in mm and as a percentage of standard length (%SL), and weight in grams recorded in the 7 specimens of P. bogaraveo caught off the Syrian coast

From: First confirmed record of Sparid Pagellus bogaraveo (Brünnich, 1768) in the Syrian marine waters (Levantine Basin)

Number of specimens1234567
Morphometric measurementsmmSL%mmSL%mmSL%mmSL%mmSL%mmSL%mmSL%
Total length (TL)194132%128121.90%119121.42%138123.21%121122.23%117121.87%110125%
Standard length (SL)150100%105100%98100%112100%99100%96100%88100%
Body depth (BD)6040%4038.09%3737.75%4237.50%4040.40%3637.50%3438.63%
Head length (HL)4731.30%3331.42%3131.63%3632.14%3232.33%3031.25%2932.95%
Eye diameter (ED)2114%1211.42%1111.22%1311.60%1111.11%1111.45%1112.50%
Preorbital length (Pol)138.67%109.52%99.18%1210.71%99.09%99.37%89.09%
Predorasal length (Pdl)5335.34%3836.19%3333.67%4035.71%3636.36%3637.50%3337.50%
Dorsal fin Base length (D.B.L)8355.34%5552.38%5152.04%6053.57%5151.51%5052.08%4753.40%
Anal fin Base length (A.B.L)3422.67%2624.76%2222.44%2623.21%2424.24%2425%2022.72%
Prepectoral length (Ppl)5134%3634.28%3232.65%3833.92%3333.33%3233.33%2932.95%
Preanal length (Pal)10167.34%6561.90%6162.24%7062.50%6262.62%6163.54%5764.77%
 Scales on lateral line72727272747272
 Dorsal fin raysXII + 11XII + 12XII + 11XII + 12XII + 12XII + 11XII + 12
 Anal fin raysIII + 11III + 11III + 12III + 12III + 12III + 12III + 12
 Pelvic fin raysI + 5I + 5I + 5I + 5I + 5I + 5I + 5
 Total weight (g)74.6132.1725.6239.3727.6524.6418.95