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Table 1 Large specimens, presumed or confirmed as Mobula birostris, originally identified as M. mobular between 1723 and 1916 (see text for references)

From: The giant devil ray Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788) is not giant, but it is the only spinetail devil ray

Originally identifiedDW (cm)LocationYearPresumed (P) / Confirmed (C)
Mobula mobular483Marseilles, France1723Mobula birostris (P)
Mobula mobular470Bay of Rosas, Spain1898Mobula birostris (C)
Mobula mobular520Oran, Algeria1901Mobula birostris (P)
Mobula mobular455Cadiz, Spain1916Mobula birostris (C)
  1. DW Disc Width