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Table 1 Main physico-chemical parameters measured close to the sea bottom (5 m asb), by the CTD SBE 911 probe, in the two areas S. oceana was found (DFS and 140 m) and in the site of hydrothermal fluids active emission

From: Spiculosiphon oceana (foraminifera) and its affinity to intermediate stress conditions in the Panarea hydrothermal complex (Mediterranean Sea)

 DFS140 mEmission area
CoordinatesN 38°39′18.37″
E 15°06′52.52”
N 38°40′21.11″
E 15°07′42.57”
N 38°39′18.37″
E 15°06′52.52”
Water depth (m)20414085
Temperature (°C)14.314.114.5
Salinity (PSU)38.438.237.8