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Table 1 Greatest point-to-point distances moved by individual Mobula alfredi

From: Photographic identification and citizen science combine to reveal long distance movements of individual reef manta rays Mobula alfredi along Australia’s east coast

Location Species Method Distance (km) Study
East Coast, Australia M. alfredi Photo-ID 650 (Couturier et al. 2014)
Maldives M. alfredi Photo-ID 650 (Stevens and Peschak 2016)
East Coast Australia M. alfredi Satellite tag 520 (Jaine et al. 2014)
Komodo NP, Indonesia M. alfredi Photo-ID 450 (Germanov and Marshall 2014)
Japan M. birostris a Photo-ID 350 (Homma 1997)
Red Sea, Saudi Arabia M. alfredi Satellite tag 169 (Braun et al. 2015)
Maldives M. birostris a Photo-ID 160 (Kitchen-Wheeler 2008)
Raja Ampat, Indonesia M. alfredi Acoustic track 100 (Setyawan et al. 2018)
Hawai’i M. alfredi Acoustic track 63 (Clark 2010)
Hawai’i M. alfredi Photo-ID 40 (Deakos et al. 2011)
  1. aIndicates the species was likely to be M. alfredi, but was published as M. birostris as these papers pre-date the redescription of the former (Marshall et al. 2009)