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Table 1 Morphometric measurements of L. lagocephalus captured from the marine water of Syria and those recorded by Erguden et al. (2017) and Teker et al. (2018)

From: First record of the oceanic puffer Lagocephalus lagocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Syrian marine waters (eastern Mediterranean)

Factors Morphometric Measurements (mm. or g.)
Syrian water Turkish waters
Present Study according to Erguden et al. (2017) according to Teker et al. (2018)
Total length (TL) 537 605 605
Stander length 436 NR 500
Head length 71 (16.28% SL) 111 (20.72%TL) NR
Eye diameter 21 (4.81% SL) 23 25 (5%SL)
Caudal fin length 89 (20.41%SL) NR NR
Pectoral fin length 92 NR NR
The dorsal fin height 73 NR NR
The anal fin height 71 NR NR
Testis length 137 (31.42% SL) NR NR
Testis width 38 NR NR
Total weight 1565 2800 2490
Testis weight 63 (4.02% GSI) NR NR
  1. NR not recorded