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Table 4 Questionnaire (carried out in Spanish or Wayuúnaikii)

From: Trade of marine turtles along the Southwestern Coast of the Gulf of Venezuela

Topic Questions
General 1. Gender
2. Age
3. Home town
4. What do you know about the presence of marine turtles in the area?
5. Can you recognise the different species of marine turtles present in the locality? (We used photos of the species to validate the answers)
6. What do you know about the use of marine turtle by the inhabitants of your locality?
Trade 1. Has trade of marine turtles has occurred in your locality?
2. Have you heard about people trading marine turtles in the area?
3. If yes, where does this trade occurs?
4. How many people are involved on this activity?
5. Can you please describe the routes used to transport the products?
6. How did you get all this information?
7. Do you know the prices of the marine turtle products (and secondary products) in the local market?
Traditional use 1. Do you know what the cultural importance of marine turtle for the Wayuú people is? Can you please provide details?
2. What parts of the marine turtle are used in your community?
3. What parts of the marine turtle are related to traditional Wayuú medicine?
4. How this traditional use occurs?
5. How the turtle is used among Wayuú families and clans?
6. Can you please explain the Wayuú rituals that involve marine turtles?
Anecdotic information 7. Do you want to provide further details about this topic? Please explain