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Table 1 Measurements of preserved Neoharriota carri landed in El Quetzalito, Guatemala on January 2016

From: First record of the chimaera Neoharriota carri (Bullis and Carpenter 1966) in the Caribbean of Guatemala

Measurements (mm) Female (n = 1)
Total length (TL- caudal filament broken off) 880
Precaudal length (PCL), snout tip to posterior end of anal fin base 646
Body length (BDL), gill opening to upper caudal origin 349
Prenarial length (PRN) 142
Preorbital length (POB) 179
Head length (HDL) 249
Head height (HDH) 81
Head width (HDW) 53
Prepectoral length (PP1) 277
Prepelvic length (PP2) 420
Trunk height (TRH) 85
Trunk weight (TRW) 36
Caudal peduncle height (CPH) 21
Caudal peduncle width (CPW) 11
Pectoral length (P1L) 86
Pectoral anterior margin (P1A) 175
Pectoral base (P1B) 38
Pre first dorsal length (PD1) 264
Pre second dorsal length (PD2) 382
Snout vent length, snout tip to front of anus (SVL) 442
Snout greatest width (SWF) 19
Snout basal width (SWB) 41
Snout basal height (SHB) 34
Mouth length (MOL) 16
Mouth width (MOW) 30
Upper labial furrow length (ULA) 27
Lower labial furrow length (LLA) 4
Upper labial furrow height (ULH) 10
Nostril width (NOW) 7
Internarial space (INW) 34
Outer internarial space (IOW) 37
Anterior nasal flap length (ANF) 11
Eye length (EYL) 31
Eye height (EYH) 22
Eye mouth space (EMO) 12
Interorbital space (INO) 21
Trunk length (TRL) 194
First dorsal insertion to second dorsal origin (IDS) 28
Dorsal caudal space (DCS) 61
First dorsal anterior margin (D1A) 105
Length dorsal spine (DSA) 94
Second dorsal fin length (D2L) 164
Second dorsal fin base (D2B) 162
Second dorsal fin height (D2H) 31
First dorsal height (D1H) 101
First dorsal base (D1B) 91
Second dorsal length (D2L) 4
Total caudal length (CTL) 248
Dorsal caudal margin (CDM) 198
Caudal filament length (CFI-broken off) 51
Maximum caudal height (CHI) 44
Ventral caudal margin (CVM) 215
Pelvic caudal space (PCA) 180
Caudal lower ray length (CLR) 35
Caudal upper ray length (CUR) 6
Gill opening (gill split) (GS1) 34
Prenarial length (PRN) 162
Preoral length (POR) 165
Pectoral pelvic space (PPS) 149
Intergill width (IG1) 40
Anal fin length (AL) 27
Anal fin base (AB) 11