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Table 2 Previously reported northern endpoints for Holocanthus clarionensis, Stegastes acapulcoensis, and S. leucorus and records of this study

From: Occurrence of Holacanthus clarionensis (Pomacanthidae), Stegastes leucorus, and Stegastes acapulcoensis (Pomacentridae) at Magdalena Bay, B.C.S., Mexico

Species Northernmost limit in Baja California’s Pacific Coast This record Distance (Km)
Latitude (°N) Longitude (°W) Latitude (°N) Longitude (°W)
Holacanthus clarionensis 24.25 111.50 24.55 112.10 70
Stegastes acapulcoensis 22.87 109.95 24.65 112.18 300
Stegastes leucorus 23.00 109.83 24.55 112.10 300