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Table 1 MT-CO1 sequences dataset

From: Insights on the origin of invasive copepods colonizing Basque estuaries; a DNA barcoding approach

Species Location GenBank accession no. Origin n
Acartia tonsa Bilbao estuary KM879199-KM879208 This study 10
  Urdaibai estuary KM879209-KM879216 This study 8
  Italy HE647797, HE647798 GenBank 2
  Baltic Sea JX995255-JX995259, JX995270 GenBank 6
  North Sea JX995260-JX995269 GenBank 10
  Baltic Sea EU196702-EU196711 GenBank 10
  Kattegat EU196712-EU196718 GenBank 7
  USA DQ431907-DQ431912 GenBank 6
  USA EU016219, EU016222 GenBank 2
  USA EU274436-EU274464 GenBank 29
  USA JF304027-JF304039, JF304041, JF304043-JF304054, JF304056-JF304087, JF304089-JF304095 GenBank 65
  USA KC287272-KC287344, KC287365-KC287391, KC287393-KC287398, KC287404-KC287421 GenBank 124
  USA EU196719-EU19632 GenBank 14
Pseudodiaptomus marinus Bilbao estuary KM879190-KM879193 This study 4
  Korea AY145436 GenBank 1
Pseudodiaptomus koreanus Korea DQ243988 GenBank 1
  Korea JX502994-JX502996 GenBank 3
  Korea JQ714036-JQ714054 GenBank 19
Pseudodiaptomus inopinus Korea JQ714055-JQ714057 GenBank 3
  Korea AF536520 GenBank 1
Pseudodiaptomus spp. Japan AB576159 GenBank 1
Pseudodiaptomus poplesia Korea AF536521 GenBank 1
  China KF977324, KF977325 GenBank 2
Pseudodiaptomus ishigakiensis Japan AB576158 GenBank 1
Pseudodiaptomus annandalei Taiwan JX458985 GenBank 1
Pseudodiaptomus nihonkaiensis Korea AF536519 GenBank 1
Pseudodiaptomus nansei Japan AB576157 GenBank 1
  1. GenBank accession number and geographical location for the 293 and 40 MT-CO1 sequences from, respectively, A. tonsa and Pseudodiaptomus spp. used in the study. GenBank search data: 2/28/2014