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Table 1 Taxonomic diversity, abundance and frequency of occurrence of myxomycetes in the microhabitats offered by Avicennia nitida Jacq., Laguncularia racemosa (L.) C.F. Gaertn. and Rizophora mangle L. Rio Formoso municipality, Pernambuco, Brazil

From: Myxomycetes in Brazilian mangroves: species associated with Avicennia nitida, Laguncularia racemosa and Rhizophora mangle

Taxon Microhabitat/Abundance (n0 specimens) Frequency
Lf Tg Bk
Clastoderma debaryanum 0 3(Rm) 2(Lr) Infrequent
Cribraria violacea 0 3(Rm) 1(Rm) Infrequent
Physarum auriscalpium 0 6(Rm) 0 Frequent
Physarum tenerum 0 0 1(Rm) Rare
Collaria arcyrionema 0 0 1(Rm) Rare
Stemonaria irregularis 1(An) 0 0 Rare
Stemonitis fusca 0 1(Lr) 0 Rare
Stemonitis herbatica 1(Rm) 0 0 Rare
Stemonitis virginiensis 0 1(Rm) 0 Rare
Arcyria cinerea 0 1(Rm) 0 Rare
Arcyria pomiformis 0 0 2(Lr) Infrequent
Abundance 2 15 6  
Dtax 1,00 1,20 1,00  
  1. Lf leaves of aerial litter, Tg twigs of aerial litter, Bk bark from living trees, Frequency very frequent >10; frequent >5-10; infrequent >1-5; rare ≤1, D tax taxonomic diversity