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Table 3 Records of Thordisa tahala from Australian waters

From: Southern range extensions for twelve heterobranch sea slugs (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) on the eastern coast of Australia

Location Record coordinates Year Reference
Gneering Shoals, QLD 26°38′54″S 153°10′58″E 2014 Cobb & Mullins (2009d)
Gold Coast Seaway, QLD 27°56′09″S 153°25′34″E 2013 Aston (2011b), Good (2015)
Brunswick River, NSW 28°32′10″S 153°33′03″E 2004–2014 Riek (2013b)
Nelson Bay, NSW 32°43′13″S 152°08′39″E 2015 This paper