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Table 1 Selected records of Philinopsis orientalis from Australian waters

From: Southern range extensions for twelve heterobranch sea slugs (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) on the eastern coast of Australia

Location Record coordinates Year Reference
Lizard Island, QLD 14°40′30″S 145°26′26″E 1982 Pers. obs. (R. C. Willan)
Coates Reef, QLD 17°10′53″S 146°22′10″E 1997 Pers. obs. (R. C. Willan)
Rottnest Island, WA 31°59′19″S 115°30′10″E 1990–2000 (Wells & Bryce 2000, p. 31–32)
Nelson Bay, NSW 32°43′13″S 152°08′39″E 2015 This paper