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Marine Biodiversity Records is published for The Marine Biological Association, a world-leading marine biological research institute, which has a mission to promote scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea and to disseminate to the public the knowledge gained.



Nova Mieszkowska

Featured: First record of the reef manta ray in the eastern Pacific

The authors describe an opportunistic sighting of a reef manta ray off the coast of Cocs Island, Costa Rice. Nearly 6000km from the nearest confirmed sighting location in the Marquesas Islands!

Aims and scope

Marine Biodiversity Records is a rapid peer-reviewed, online, open access publication that complements the long-established Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. Marine Biodiversity Records has been launched in response to the changing marine and coastal environment and an increasing demand for the documentation of marine organisms in locations where they have not formerly been recorded, as well as of species loss from habitats.

Marine Biodiversity Records therefore welcomes original research articles which document and review changes in geographical ranges of marine species, including the effects of the introduction of novel or alien species to marine ecosystems, and of taxonomic studies relevant to these changes.


Dr Nova Mieszkowska is a Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology at Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences at the University of Liverpool with a joint appointment as Research Fellow at the Marine Biological Association of the UK. Nova has an international research career in marine biology and ecology, leading the MarClim marine biodiversity and climate change project that tracks climate-driven shifts in coastal marine species in the Northeast Atlantic using the world’s most spatial and temporally extensive, and continuing time-series. Her integrated research programme spans omics to ecosystems approaches to unravel the mechanisms driving species responses to climate change, ocean acidification and multiple stressors, combining field and laboratory experimental research with large-scale biogeographic studies. Her work has taken her to the forefront of policy and conservation, authoring and editing assessments including Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership Annual Report Cards, Defra’s Charting Progress 2, The National Ecosystem Assessment, developing GES indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and providing baseline evidence for the designation of the UK’s new Marine Conservation Zones.

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